1 female human being1 female human being

madagascar day geckomadagascar day gecko

for millions of yearsfor millions of years

million year old geckomillion year old gecko

one secret to their climbingone secret to their climbing

by alidays last updated 1 yearby alidays last updated 1 year

the first thing i did was digthe first thing i did was dig

quot the first giant gecko foundquot the first giant gecko found

id prefer to watch animatedid prefer to watch animated

i wrote about my frustrationsi wrote about my frustrations

im 12 years oldim 12 years old

boy lizard gecko one boy andboy lizard gecko one boy and

and one albino mochaand one albino mocha

gecko on coke  2 years agogecko on coke 2 years ago

meet gordon gordon geckomeet gordon gordon gecko

crested gecko egg layingcrested gecko egg laying

i have a leopard gecko calledi have a leopard gecko called

about two years ago i acquiredabout two years ago i acquired

dramatic gecko  2 years agodramatic gecko 2 years ago

then in may this yearthen in may this year

the adrenaline i get fromthe adrenaline i get from



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