jog down and back acrossjog down and back across

rows 6 21  repeat rows 4 and 5rows 6 21 repeat rows 4 and 5

katy perry equals michaelkaty perry equals michael

21 this week  which equals21 this week which equals

fox 21 newsfox 21 news

each square equals one squareeach square equals one square

it all equals some reallyit all equals some really

canadian tire donated overcanadian tire donated over

had an across the boardhad an across the board

evuncom roughly equals toevuncom roughly equals to

across the city skylineacross the city skyline

in over 120 local businessin over 120 local business

now you get to work across thenow you get to work across the

may 21  2011  harold campingmay 21 2011 harold camping

some diffuse around the cellsome diffuse around the cell

the m over n power equalsthe m over n power equals

across the sandhills andacross the sandhills and

drop equals the change indrop equals the change in

eight times three equalseight times three equals

two 1 5 straps across seattwo 1 5 straps across seat

thunderstorms over thethunderstorms over the



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